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Titular is funny

But it doesn't mean what you think it might^^ titular |ˈti ch ələr| adjective 1 holding or constituting a purely formal position or title without any real authority : the queen is titular head of the Church of England | a titular post. • [ attrib. ] (of a cleric) nominally appointed to serve a diocese, abbey, or other foundation no longer in existence, and typically in fact having authority in another capacity. 2 denoting a person or thing from whom or which the name of an artistic work or similar is taken : the work's titular song. • [ attrib. ] denoting any of the parish churches in Rome to which cardinals are formally appointed : the priests of the titular churches.

Colin Hay is amazing

I've loved all the Colin Hay songs off of Scrubs and even his guest appearance, so I went ahead and got his album, Going Somewhere. I've spent the last 2 days listening to it on repeat. I can't tell you the last time I've done that- really sitting and sipping and relishing every song off an album. I recommend everyone to get his album. Dan

What I won't miss about Wonmyeong

I totally won't miss the toliets or the wheeled lunch trucks. ^^ Dan

What I'll miss about Wonmyeong Elementary School

Actually, I'm working on a writing project with a Wednesday deadline (god, I hate deadlines) and I was thinking of all things that I miss about teaching at a Korean Elementary School student. And since I've spent all day pounding my keyboard, I decided I would rather show you. These are the things that I'll miss about Wonmyeong School^^

Things that I'll miss about not teaching at Wonmyeong

  The students... 

Time to get rid of waste

I'm selling off stuff that I don't use anymore. One of them is my Samsung #11 Camera and my PC (I found out that I truly hate them and I'm going back to macs:) The camera is 6MP with shake reduction, 3x zoom, voice recording, and with PMP and movie functions. The PC is a AMD Sempron 2500 with a DVD player, ethernet, and a DVD player and CD burner. Here's the pics. If you're interested give me an e-mail :) Dan

Oh...I'm sorry...I'm on vacation

I think I should have mentioned that I'm on vacation for the next two weeks. I apologize. Thanks for reading my blog. And I'm working on a new project^^ Dan

Prepping for my lesson...

I am teaching middle school writing and I found some really good links.  Today we are talking about parallel structure, antithesis, hyperbole, and Ironic or surprising juxtaposition of detail.  Here are the links and the info.  Here is some stuff I got from Wikipedia and here are the links.  I've found teaching Irony to be an absolute chore.  I found a good picture on wikipedia that has a DEAD END sign in front of a cemetary.   Hyperbole   ·          "She has a brain the size of a pinhead." ·          "I nearly died." ·          "She is so dumb her IQ is probably -2!" ·          "I will die if no one asks me to dance." ·          "He is as big as an elephant!" ·          "I'm so hungry I could eat my own paste!" ·          "I told you a billion times not to exaggerate.&q

I'm really interested in Asian Folk Tales at the moment.

Here are some cool links that I've run across. Both of these have to do with the Fox tale myths.  If I remember my Asian Literature course, I should try to find a book called a Woman Warrior.  Fox Girl by Nora Okja Keller had some great myths too. -- Dan

Thanks to everyone that's been reading my blog but

...I'm not finished teaching. I'm just finished teaching at the public elementary school level. I have been teaching at this level for about a year and a half and I feel like I'm in a rut. I'm doing the same lessons or variations over and over again and I need to something that's a bit more challenging. I will be teaching at an SAT prep, writing institute in Cheongdam, Seoul. It's more challenging and I'll have a ton of grading to do, but I think it'll be good for me. I'll be teaching new material and I'll have my mornings to do my writing. Today for my sixth grade classes, I'm going to get the students to make Christmas cards for each other for part of the time and then I'll show Elf. Dan

More Christmas cards

Here are more Christmas cards that my Korean Elementary School students made. Aren't they great!?! Dan

Here are the Cards

Internet Explorer is working.

Christmas cards

I got my students to make Christmas cards to my friends and to my parents. Here are some of their wait...blogger is acting all screwy and I can't get the pics up...wait a minute. Stay tuned. Dan

Taxes filed from overseas

This is what I've dug up so far about paying taxes from overseas.  Where's an accountant when you need one! Dan Sometimes you've just gotta put it all on the line and go for broke in this poker game we call life.


This is my last week at Won-myeong Elementary School. I really enjoyed my year and a half here and it has been a wonderful experience. I'm going to finish this week by getting the children to make Christmas cards, play games and give out the ton of candy I've accommulated.

William Tells all

Here's a sample of a script I'm writing using William as a character. I'm only going to put up about half of the script. If you want to see the rest, then leave a comment^^ Dan William Tells All Monsters will bite your Ha Ha. White screen. WILLIAM, a precocious five year old boy, enters the screen. [WILLIAM can jump from foreground to background and he is able to control the story at will. He'll often do funny things in the foreground. FOREGROUND WILLIAM will be called FG_WILL from this point on. WILLIAM will be shortened to WILL (even though he hates being called Will.)] WILL: Ummm.... hello... Yesterday Dadda kicked a rock while he was walking and he said a word that he said I'm not allowed to say. I asked him why? And he answered that it is a curse word and if I say it then I would cause bad things for someone. CUT to the scene. WILLIAM and DADDA are talking in their front yard. WILL: Dadda, like what? DADDA: Well William, like w