Did my iPod destroy my Shure e2c headphones? Again!!!

I have a iPod, 5th generation video, that has seemingly destroyed two sets of Shure e2c headphones. I was using them normally and with the volume down-because if you play the sound too high on the e2cs, you'll blow out a fricken ear drum.

Anyway, like this time and last, the left ear started to crackle and there is intermittent breakup of sound. If I stay in one place, I'm fine- I start moving and then I have problems. Sorry, but the whole point of having headphones is being able to be in motion.

Luckily, Shure will fix them, but, I'm wondering if in 2 months if I'm going to have the exact same problem.

This is what I found on the net.

Over the last few months, we received couple of reports from our readers concerning a problem with some iPods, but it remained a rare event. MacFixit published a news about it, proving that the problem while being real remains exceptional.
Some iPods (4G, Nano 1 and 2G, and Shuffle 1G) will suddenly start having problem affecting exclusively the right ear bud, independently of the earphone used (original one or from a third-party). It translate into distorted volume and sound, as well as intensity and rendering leading to the complete loss of sound .
It seems that the affected iPod will deliver a higher than expected voltage to right ear bud channel, leading to the destruction of the speaker itself.
If you have been facing this problem, please provide your report in our forum.

So...is it true Apple? Is the pod fucking up the headphones? If they are then you should fix the damn problem. Oh, by the by, This same problem happened to my white ipod earphones and with a pair of Sienhasser (sp) earphones.


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