Any comic book artists out there want to collaborate?

I'm looking for a talented up and coming comic book artist. I am a writer and I work for an entertainment company. Currently, I have one animation in the works. However, this is a very long process, so I want to start another project in the meantime. This time instead of starting with a cartoon pitch to the company, I would like to start out by with a Manga and then later try to develop this into a cartoon.

I have contacts in publishing and this would be a great opportunity for those who've been dying to do something creative in Korea that is unrelated to teaching English.

I am looking for people that have a unique style that can draw freehand and also on Adobe Illustrator or other computer based drawing applications.

If you are interested then message me and then I'll send you an e-mail address where you can send samples of your art.

Oh, and you should live in Seoul, Korea.



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