Vinapena Vino Del La Tierra De Castilla

I'm going for the cheap stuff today, because I'd like to find a cheap bottle of sipping wine for thin days. I bought this at a wineshop around Nambu Terminal below Gyo Dae for 9000 won.

This wine is called Vinapena and it's from Castilla. There is no year. The color is a bit pale- not the richest of's more dimeatap purple.

The nose is...acrid. It smells like woodchips and Mogen David that's been outside in the sun for a couple hours. It has a hint of burnt tire. It smells dry on my nose. I'm not looking forward to this at all.

It tastes like moonshine mixed with gasoline. I'm not getting any fruit, just a burn. It tastes like cotton with a hint of lavendar?

I'm dumping this whole bottle. STAY AWAY FROM VINAPENA!

Score= 51...remember the worst is Mad Dog because it ain't even a wine. Gross!

It might be good to do shots with...hmmm...

I should say something good right? It has a beautiful cork. It's very well made and fits perfectly in the bottle.

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