Figurative Language

This week's lesson is on Figurative Language, which is one of my favorites to teach. We start out by reading Alice Walker's "Am I Blue?" and I point out all the figurative language in the essay. Afterwards I write:

Taxi Driver
A pillow,
Winning a Contest
A clock
Riding a busy subway

And tell them to write either a simile, metaphor, and personification for each one. The one that my students seem to have the most problem with is metaphor. Here are some metaphor examples.

The collision rang through the streets. The taxi driver stepped out of his mangled heap, stamped thrice-his hooves denting the asphalt. Smoke screamed out of his nostrils. He spread his horned fists and charged.

The doctor buzzed, buzzed, buzzed in my ear and then stuck me with his needle and sipped my blood.

Just as the bell rang I slammed my pencil on the paper. The black mark swirled around and around my answer. 2 points!

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