I Dream of Turkey

This the article I wrote for Eloquence Magazine. You can get the full color version with mouth watering photos all around Seoul.

I Dream of Turkey
by Daniel Gray

I have dreams of the days after Thanksgiving. That first turkey sandwich is the Venus de Milo of sandwiches. I like to go with a toasted baguette cut in half with mayonnaise seasoned with plenty of black pepper on one side and cranberry sauce on the other. Then a layer of stuffing is spackled on top of the mayonnaise and pieces of shredded turkey heaped on top of that. If it is all white meat, then a little gravy is needed, if dark-nothing. Yes, I know that it is an American holiday, but everyone has to admit- turkey tastes good. And leftovers macgyvered into a sandwich, taste great!
So how do we get our turkey fix in Korea? Don’t worry, my friends, I know the way.

Option 1: DIY (Do it yourself).
Haddon House near Oksu station has frozen turkeys and all the fixings for you to make your very own Thanksgiving dinner. They have 4 kilo. (9 pounds) to 7 kilo. (16 pounds) frozen turkeys for sale ranging from W36,000 to W63,000. They also have pumpkin pie mix, cranberry sauce, and stuffing. 794-0511

Option 2: Make friends with the U.S. military.
The military base has fully cooked and deliverable turkey dinners in the Itaewon area for military personnel. Also, you can get whatever your Thanksgiving needs out of the base store. $90.00-$95.00.

Option 3: Take Out.
Call the Delibonbons at the Coex InterContinental
They have 6kg (160,000 + VAT) and 8k (180,000 + VAT) turkeys for take out from November 15 through December 31st. The turkey comes with roasted and steamed vegetables, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and giblet gravy. 3430-8660.

Option 4: Eat Out.
Toque Diner near Hangang station is having a Thanksgiving Buffet consisting of Turkey and fixings along with creamed string beans, pasta salad, sauteed kale, pumpkin pie, pecan pie and much more for 35,000 on November 22nd. There are 2 reservation times: 6 and 8:30pm. 794-3834.

Table 34 at the Grand InterContinental hotel is having a Special Thanksgiving dish. 48,000 (+ 10% tip and 10%VAT) table34@icseoul.co.kr 559-7631

Option 5: Just get a pie.
Jules Kitchen in Haebangchon makes homemade apple and pumpkin pies. Delivery is available for more than 3 pies. W30,000. Call 1 day in advance. milkyway2003@hotmail.com 749-9903, 010-4657-3318.

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