Pristine Beauty in a Culinary Event

Until November 30

Pristine Beauty in a Culinary Event
For the entire month of November the Sky Lounge on the 30th Floor, of the COEX InterContinental Hotel plays host to the culinary creations of New Zealand as orchestrated by the country 's lamb and beef ambassador Chef Damon McGinniss. This promotion will feature green lip mussel & monkfish fritters, duck liver & bacon terrine with Pinot noir jelly, beef fillet and pressed, spice crusted New Zealand lamb shoulder.
The cost for the lunch buffet with salad buffet and one glass of wine is 30,000 won, dinner set menus range from W45,000 for three courses to W110,000 won for seven courses while a dinner set with two glasses of wine is priced at W95,000 won. VAT and service charge are not included. 3430-8630.

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