E-mail from Chef Paul Schnek

I got an interesting e-mail from Chef Paul Schenk, the executive chef of the Intercontinental hotels in Seoul. I wanted to give you a rundown of all the cool things that he mentioned.

In January they will be move their breakfast from the Grand Intercontinental to the Grand Kitchen restaurant. They will expand their menu and have options for private rooms.

"Asian Live" will start construction on our new Thai kitchen. Chef Schnek is working with a couple of suppliers to grow and supply his hotels with fresh lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves. He is also looking for a Thai chef.

In February a 2 star Michelin Chef will be coming to Table 34 to pair food with great Italian wines. And a 1 Michelin star awarded chef will be at the Sky Lounge, also in February, for a Foie Gras promotion.

Also, Passion 5 in Itaewon has just opened and it is the headquarters for the Paris Croissant/Baguette company.

At the Intercontinental, these are ripe and ready for your enjoyment:

Yellow tail tuna
Globe fish
Fresh oysters
Live Mussels
Persimmons are here for 2 months
Strawberries are back
Gold Kiwis for the next 3 months
Avocados are almost gone

Paul Schenk

Executive Chef

COEX InterContinental Hotel Seoul
Direct Tel:(822) 3430-8350
Mobile:(8219) 235-6004

"InterContinental Hotels Seoul has been awarded the highest score out of the luxury hotels in the Asia-Pacific region for food safety management system"

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