Got Mexican Food?

If anyone is feigning for Mexican food like I am, then you should go to On the Border. Yeah, it's a franchise, but the chips are warm and the Margaritas are slushy. They're going to have all you can drink Margaritas and an all you can eat Mexican Buffet on Thursday, December 13th from 7-9:30

Here's the info from Steve,

Come to Margarita Night on Thursday, December 13th

"Margarita Night @ On The Border in Shin-chone. Unlimited Authentic Margaritas and all-you-can-eat Mexican buffet with freshly fried chips, salsa, guacamole, chili cheese, Mexican rice, black beans, refried beans and chicken flautas. Prize giveaways, Mexican dress strongly encouraged! 7 pm – 9:30 pm. W25,000. 324-0683

Go out exit 4 Sinchon station- Green line, next to Hongik and Ewha University. Don't make the mistake I've made once and go to Sincheon.

Go 100 meters and it's in the same building as coffee bean.

A Taste of Mexico

On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina is the largest Mexican restaurant chain in the United States, with over 140 locations, and it is also now the newest addition to the Seoul dining landscape. The first major Mexican restaurant chain to hit Seoul opened up their first store in Shin-chone and they are slated to open 6 more in the next year. Mexican food has been tried here before and met with varied success. Taco Bell left with their tail between their legs after trying to bring the fast food version to Korea once before. We’ll see if Korean palates have changed enough so that On The Border can succeed where others have failed. But at least for now, Korea has a great new place where they fry their own tortilla chips and they know how to use real rock salt to salt the rim of a margarita."

See you there.

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