Go to the Flying Pan for Brunch and Desserts

I recommend the Flying Pan for Brunch. They have wonderful pancakes and their desserts; all their dishes have a light California sensibility to them. Sunday morning, Matt and I went there. I got the Flying Pan breakfast which had a poached egg over a mix of sauteed mushrooms over (fresh baked?) wheat toast. It came with a side of spinach and hummus. It was delightful and the flavors merged very well.

We also had the fig pancakes with ricotta cheese. The ricotta didn't seem very prevalent, but the pancakes were big, light and fluffy. I recommend the Flying Pan over Butterfinger's Pancakes. I find Butterfingers to be overly priced and the quality at times is spastic. I've had occasions of delicious hash browns and other times- strands of dried mulch.

Sunday brunch service at Flying Pan is on the ball; they have their A-team on crew. Sunday evening...the food was fine, but the service was a bit subpar. But all in all, the flavors made me forget asking for water a half dozen times and how it took 10 minutes to get our bottle of wine.

Check it out, turn where the Hard Rock building is being built, it's on the right.


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