Thai Food! Where are you!

In the last couple of weeks, I've been asked by several different people where they can get real, authentic, delicious Thai food. In the past, I always recommended Thai Orchard in Itaewon, but sadly that beloved institution has closed for "remodeling." I wouldn't have been so concerned if it was only being remodeled, but they also changed the name to Thai Garden. Does anyone know if the ownership has changed? The key to the restaurant is the chef. Does anyone know who the chef is and how we can contact him?

I know this is a tall order, but I'm hoping someone has the information.

The only other Thai Restaurants I know are Buddha's Belly- which is alright, but it seems a bit Konglified. Pattaya is spicy, but I don't feel it is authentically Thai spicy. Then there is My Thai, but I heard it isn't that great either. Oh, and the Thai Orchard in Shinsegae and Apgujeong are only "Thai Orchid" in name and not in taste.

Is there any authentic Thai left in the city?

Please help!


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