Matt Gross on the Travel Channel

Matt Gross will be on the show 25 Mind Blowing Escapes.

Oh, how I wish I had cable in America.

Here's the message from Matt and let's all demand that Matt Gross get his own show!

From Matt Gross:

Subject: If you own a television:

" may want to turn it to the Travel Channel this Thursday at 8pm. That’s when I’m slated to appear as a ranting, raving, eye-rolling talking head on “25 Mind Blowing Escapes.” (Yes, it’s missing a hyphen, but I’m not proofreading anymore.)

This could very well be my breakthrough moment on TV—or my very first moment of nationwide humiliation. Or maybe both. Either way, it should be entertaining. Watch it if you dare!

(And if you like, take the survey at and demand the Travel Channel give me my own show.)


Matt Gross

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