A Blog Post in Five Minutes

Last night I made my lamb chops again with the sweet potatoes and green beans. I added some cardamon, cloves, and dried cranberries to the green beans and they had a very interesting flavor. Next time I think I'm just going to use the cloves and cranberry. I found the cardamon to add a bit of an astringent flavor.

Thai Garden- previously Thai Orchid has opened back up and I'll be checking it out later this week.

I passed by the Yellow Submarine and pizza place like all the time and I never see anyone in there. Has anyone tried their pizza?

Elinza's Carrot Cake will be making it's return to Indigo in Haebangchon- yay!

It is snowing in Seoul and nobody knows how to drive. I would recommend you stay off the roads.

I'm going back to phase 1 of South Beach today, or tomorrow or the next day.


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