Toque February events

Dear Toque Friends,

Happy New Year!!
I hope you are all having a good start to 2008.
Toque and our staff had a blast meeting every one of you last year.
I hope you enjoyed our food and services and we will be working even harder to make this restaurant a better place for you to come and enjoy and just chill.
We have many events planned for this year as well and the first one coming up is our Valentine's Dinner.
I know that Valentine's Day itself may be an unwelcoming day for some of you(including me...: ( ) but it doesn't have to be a day just for couples.
We have a very special dinner course that will be prepared for just that day.
I encourage all gastronomists and food enthusiasts to come and experience a very unique dinner.
Our Valentine's Day Dinner will be a 6 course dinner, all consisting of chocolate and strawberries.

\40,000 per person(VAT included)

1. Fresh Oysters and Seared Scallop with White Chocolate Champagne Sabayon
2. Roasted Red Pepper-Strawberry Soup with Strawberry Chips
3. Beet and Strawberry Salad ith Chocolate Dressing
4. Balsamic-Chocolate marinated Duck with Balsamic-Strawberry Sauce
5. Ribeye Steak with Red Wine-Chocolate Sauce and Seared Strawberries
6. Chocolate Lava Cake with Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

I know many of you are wondering/questioning how the menu would taste so I urge you to come by and try it~!!: )

Keep warm and healthy and hope to see you soon!


장정은 Jane Chang
Owner/Chef Toque Diner
682-1 Hannam-Dong Yongsan-Gu, Seoul
Tel: (02)794-3834
Fax: (02)794-3828

P.S. We still have our Tapas Special going on (Order a bottle of wine and get 2 tapas free) and we will also be changing our menu slightly within the next week so come check out what's new!!

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