Watermelon Pancakes

As Marisa pointed out earlier, tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday. Now in my household we have a set rule - that means I am free to shoot my low-carb diet out the window one day of the year without guilt and indulge in a whole lot of pan-fried batter. Sounds heavenly after passing on flour-laden foods for so long.

Since I plan to indulge, I thought I would search for something a little extra special, and certainly found it when I came across Ashwini's Food For Thought blog and her recipe for Watermelon Pancakes. This recipe, straight from her Grandma's kitchen in India, was originally posted as a summertime treat, but I think that it would be great to try for Shrove Tuesday or even for a special Valentine's Day breakfast simply due to the gorgeous color.

It gets even better though. She also posted a very interesting recipe for "Shaepi Pole" (Sweet Dill Pancakes) which are made out of rice, dill, coconut, cardamom pods, and more. You can find a picture of these after the jump.

Check out Slashfood for the rest!

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