Little Traveller's Bake Off May 18th

Eat a Cake and Help a Traveller The newly opened WIEN Cake house in Itaewon will be hosting the first Little Traveller’s BAKE-OFF. Enter your baked goods to be judged and stand a chance to win some awesome prizes.

Cakes, muffins, pies, breads, cookies-anything sweet and baked are welcome. Not a wiz in the kitchen? Well, pay 10,000W at the door, receive your Little Traveller and get a chance to sample the cakes and vote for your favorite dish!

Doors open to the public at 3 o’clock! (Contestants must sign in at 1 o’clock and must be available for preliminary judging and photographs). For more information on this event and for the entry-form, please visit and e-mail Or phone 010-8694-6561 (English) and 011-9029-3094 (Korean).

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