The Coffee Prince

The Coffee Prince is Korean Drama that I'm currently obsessed with. It's about a rich playboy that is forced by his grandmother to work for a living. His grandmother buys him a coffee shop that he must make successful. He's got a ragtag team of employees: the ajossi, Hong, who has an amazing gift for coffee but no people skills, a Japanese/Korean Waffle Maker with a hidden past: No Sun ki; a Gorilla dimwit: Hwang Min Yeop; and Go Eun Chan: a girl that pretends to be a boy in order to keep her job at the coffee shop but is secretly in love with the playboy (and the playboy is in love her her/him) but can't admit to the love because either he is gay (which Go Eun Chan can't accept) or he actually knows that he is a she.

Complicated eh?

Just watch it. You'll love it.


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