I lasted five days on the Master Cleanse

I am a failure. But to be honest, it did a world of good. First of all, I lost about 2 kilos (approximately 6 pounds) on my fast. Also, it made me reduce my cravings at night. I haven't had a late night snack in ages. I think overall, it simply got me over my food addiction and just gave me more control.

Oh, I also learned to listen to my body. After the first day, I was a bit sick because I didn't ease my stomach back into eating. I don't think a lemon poppyseed muffin with lemon sugar glaze (thanks Carol) is the best transition. Also, beef (bulgogi) is not kind to an empty stomach. In the days after my fast, I would purposely and unconsciously stay away from foods that I knew would have a negative impact on my body. Since the end of my fast I have rarely consumed caffeine and my cigarette cravings have been lessened.

My goal this week is to give up smoking altogether. I mean I'm not addicted, but I do have 2 cigarettes a day.

And I will do the master cleanse again. I really felt energized and I felt mentally focused during that time.

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