Boracay Day 2: Pirates and Massages

We had a great day yesterday. It rained in the morning but it then cleared up. 

Mandala Spa and Villas is amazing. It's so zen and luxurious. We had deep tissue massages last night and we are going to do Yoga this morning. I am going to do a cleanse later and possibly get a body wrap.

Food last night was yum, scrum. We went to Paradiso Grill over by D'Mall and we picked our own seafood and had them cooked to order. We had the white snapper with ginger and soy, lobster with lemon butter, grilled marlin with garlic, jumbo shrimp with a sambal sauce, lots of tomatoes, cucumbers, a grilled eggplant salad, and Chinese Spinach. It was all delicious and not heavy. We all unanimously proclaimed it was the best meal so far. It all came to about 2,800 pesos ($60.00)

Alrighty, time for yoga.


Paradiso Grill 288-61-39
Mandala Spa and Villas +63 36 288 5858

Paradiso Grill

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