Boracay so far: Rain

So I'm in Boracay so far and after a day of delays and boats and tricycles (3 wheeled motorized death traps) and exhaust from canopied trucks (called taxi's) we have arrived. Yep and it is raining. I mean really raining.

We spent the first night at a place called Microtel and it's a normal, simple hotel. Apparently our reservations got confused, because when I called them last night they suggested I reserve on-line. When I tried to print their confirmation form my computer kept crashing. It was some weird bug. I am here with my friends Richard and Erica and we had a nice night out at D'Mall at a faux-Mexican restaurant called Manana.

The food was alright. It wasn't authentic- but not bad for this side of the world. I felt that most of the food was a bit sweet. I'm sorry, but I'm not a fan of sugar in my salsa. Their saving grace was that they made their own torillas. Their drinks were good- very strong. However their pina coladas used milk instead of coconut milk. Oh, I recommend their mango daquiri.

Ummm...we are going to Mandala Spa now. Oh, but I'm seriously peeved already by them. I've been waiting on a e-mail with their spa packages and I've been waiting like 30 minutes. I'm going to give the reservation manager a piece of my mind when I get there. She'll have to give me an extra massage in compensation^^

Just kidding. I'm a nice traveler.


Microtel Boracay

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