Hanging out with Matt Gross

Wow, the NYT's story finally got out! I've been saving pictures of the various restaurants and places that Matt, Zen Kimchi, a couple of other bloggers (ex-pat Jane) and I went. Here are the pics^^

Here we are at Gaon. Notice the multitude of dishes. Like I've said: the dishwasher is the worst job in Korea.

Gaon has awesome jokbal kimchi stew. It's like spicy cream of tomato soup.All the plates at Gaon are designed in house.
Spicy Vegetable Salad from Gaon.

I am being attacked by Sang Nakchi (live octopus).
I call this a Sea Callus. You bite and sea water gets pumped out and then you just keep chewing. It's not my favorite.
Live octopus.

Seafood Soup.
This squid was huge! I'm talking 5 to 6 feet easy.
Some sort of shrimp.
Eye can see you.
Sea Mollusks. Yummmm.
The Korean Market at night.
Marinated Crab.
Very cool people from the market.
Sure they are selling mushrooms^^.
Tornado Potatoes.
Ginko Nuts
Steak in an icecream cone (too bad the place closed down).
Yum. (It was ok at first, but then the waffle cone starts to turn to mush in your hands.)
Close up. This is the chili chicken pasta cone.
Andong Jjim-ddak.

Bunny sashimi. Delicious with a little soy sauce.

JUST KIDDING!A picture of Matt and I.


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