List your Dining Events for Free in Eloquence Magazine

Hello my name is Daniel Gray and I am the dining editor for Eloquence Magazine. Eloquence Magazine is the magazine that expatriates look to to find out "What's Happening" in Seoul. Our circulation is rising every month. Our magazine is also building a strong Korean following because the magazine is partially translated- Koreans see this magazine as educational and as a resource for finding out events.

We are currently planning the August issue and I was wondering if your restaurant or organization were planning any dining events such as "Wine parties, Spring Meals, coursed meals, banquet dinners, or if you have special chefs. The information you send me will go- FREE, into the "What's Happening" calendar. Deadline for the August issue is July 20nd.

Please send the
1) Event name
2) a brief description of the event
3) time
4) location
5) price
6) contact information such as a phone number or email address.

I would really like to build up the Epicurean Community in Seoul. There is such an exciting food scene and I would really like to take it to the masses. All of the events will also be posted on the Eloquence facebook page as well as my food blog. If you requests for stories, please feel free to contact me.

Thanks again and I hope to hear from you soon,

Daniel Gray
Eloquence Dining Editor

IMPORTANT NOTE!!! DEADLINE FOR THE August Issue is July 20th. Earlier is better, so I can do some research and write up a nice listing for you!

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