A Little Korean Help

I got this letter from a reader of Seoul Eats and I was wondering if anyone could help him out. What is MSG in Korean? Where do you think has the best Jja Jja Myun?


"After 35 years I am going to be visiting Korea this October. I can only imagine all the changes that I will encounter....

My question is, what sort of precautions should one take with the food these days, i.e., only bottled water, only hotel food (yuck) and etc? another question I have is about MSG. My wife is very sensitive to it and I would like to know the various Korean words for it so I can tell our server to leave it out. I imagine it is as difficult to avoid today as it was long ago as kimchi and most everything else uses it.

Feel free to use hangul to write the words our as I still read it but my conversational abilities are limited.

Oh yeah, one other thing. Can you get makkoli or dong dong jyu in Seoul and where is the best cha chang myun.

Thanks and sugo haseiyo."

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