Photos from Boracay: Day 3

The pirate captain Jojo from Red Pirates Bar and surf shop. He is an awesome sailor and took us around the entire island and to Puka Beach to collect shells. 600 pesos an hour. Our trip took 2 and a half hours.
A beautiful flower from mandala spa and villas.
Vegetarian fried rice ( topped with egg:) from Mandala Spa. It had a curried rice flavor. It was healthy.
Our room at Mandala Spa. It is an awesome suite. The bed is a king sized, the ceilings are high and we have our own private balcony and look out. It would be a wonderful place to take a honeymoon. (Ladies, I am available^^;;;) 

I love the spa. I had a cleanse today and last night I had an aromatic massage. Tonight, I'll be getting a deep tissue massage (apparently the one I had yesterday wasn't the deep tissue one.) Our room with tax and service charge came to about 15,000 pesos a night. However, they have a special promotion. If you get a body wrap or scrub, you get a free night's stay at the spa. It is way worth it.
They put flowers everywhere at Mandala. And I mean everywhere. They even put one on the extra roll of toilet paper next to the toilet.

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