Bizarre Foods in Seoul

I recently received an e-mail from Mama Seoul and they are looking to do a piece on Bizarre Foods in Korea. I want to help them out, so I am asking for your help. Does anyone know any famous
dog soup restaurants,
sang nakchi,
poison blowfish,
sulfur baked duck,
budae chiggae (Other than Nolbu)
Soy marinated crab,
Snake Soju,

and any other bizarre Korean foods you can think of.



Here's the e-mail^^

Seoul Eats Folks,

I have been contacted by researchers from the Travel Channel Show Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. they are coming to Korea in a few weeks and are trying to come up with story ideas, locations and local guides. I am fairly new to Seoul, so I have helped out with general ideas, but they need specific restaurant locations and I am having a terrible time pinning down the Koreans that I know to specific places. They always seem to say,"It's everywhere".

Anyway, I came across Seoul Eats and thought that some of you might have either specific restaurant suggestions or might like to be guides. Please read the forwarded e-mail and if you can help, please e-mail Carrie. One change from this e-mail is that they are not doing Korean Royal Court Cuisine, instead they are doing a segment on soups. Where is a good place for dog soup, bone, soup, ox tail soup, etc.?

Mama Seoul

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