Gourmet Episode 19

I love this show. I don't understand what they are saying but I still love it. For example I love this girl. I don't know why, but I like cutesy girls with spunk.

Oh the food looks pretty good too!

I am constantly checking Dramabeans. To get my updates on the show. The website is laid out very well. It makes me jealous. Maybe I should study up on programming.

Here's what Dramabeans had to say.

Really cute episode.

Kim Rae-won is particularly fun to watch as he blunders through courtship, which is both cute and amusing, because he reminds me of so many hapless guys trying to figure out women and faltering badly, even though the answer seems so obvious from an outside perspective. (Women aren’t really so complicated, guys! It’s just that you often approach us either by thinking that (1) we think just like you and therefore react to things like a guy does, or (2) we are aliens whom it is pointless trying to understand, so why bother trying? A little effort goes a long way, right ladies?)

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updated: the girl's name is Nam Sang-mi

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