Ok, sweet, but not buttery enough

When I read the Dan's butter toast post, I couldn't stop thinking of butter toast all morning.

I ran to the Tom N Toms to get their butter toast.

It looked exactly like the one on picture, slightly bigger than what I expected.

The picture was very flattering on how it looked like but it didn't deliver the texture of the bread.

It was quite crispy and the inside was soft and warm but not as moist as I expected.

The topped whipping cream was too sweet, didn't go well with plain bread.

I would rather choose the honey butter Toast from paris croissant(top picture).
The inside of bread gets moist with butter and jam. Outside, the bread is very crunchy.
Also it's not too sweet.
Now it's your turn to try Pariscroissant's Honey Butter Toast, dan. :p

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