Din Tai Fung: Dim sum in Seoul

I'm back from Hong Kong and Macau! We took nearly 550 pictures and videos (not bad for a 3 night trip), and I'm pretty sure I gained at least 5 lbs from dim sum brunches alone. But more on that later once I sort through all the footage! In the meantime, here's a fitting preview for what's to come. (Sort of.)

Last week, I made my second visit to Din Tai Fung (the first at the Kangnam location), a relatively well awarded Taiwanese dumpling chain. I can't say there are a ton of amazing Taiwanese or Chinese food options in Seoul (backed by what the natives tell me), so I was happy to stumble across this restaurant, especially since this was my first VEGETARIAN DUMPLING find in Korea! ^^

I tried to get a review on camera but all I got was this...

I take it as a good sign. He says he'd come back.

Steamed pork dumplings, 8500 won. (KH: 8/10)

Plain noodle soup with green vegetables, 5000 won. (Cheri: 8.5/10; Amazingly fresh noodles, perfectly cooked to the right consistency. Clean, refreshing chicken broth. Simple dish done well.)

Braised beef noodle soup, 8800 won. (KH: 7/10)

Steamed mushroom vegetarian dumplings, 10000 won. (Cheri: 9/10; Great veggie option packed with flavor.)

Din Tai Fung
Myeongdong: 02 771 2778
Kangnam: 02 569 http://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gif2778
Bundang: 031 705 2778


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