Cute girl teaches how to make Onigiri

It's a great snack when you are on the go and to pack in lunch boxes!


Here are the details on the show:
Host: Mabel
Cameraman: Zarah

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Ok this is Zarah and Mabel. We are planning to continue this cooking program with no name. If you have a suggestion for the name, please PM me.

In this episode we're making Onigiri (Japanese rice balls)!
What you need:
3 dl Japanese rice (1.2 cups)
normal rice will NOT be good enough... it will just fall apart, tried it once, didn't work.
Canned Tuna

Rice Cooker/Saucepan
Deciliter cup
Plastic spoon
Cloth (as a coaster)

Cooking the rice
When we cooked the rice we used 3 dl rice and 3.5 dl water. Don't forget to rinse the rice a few times before cooking it.

-You CAN make it without the nori put the rice will stick to your hands
-You CANNOT make proper onigiri with normal rice
-You CAN have different filling

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