It's been a busy, busy week

It's been a fun week. I have been assisting Zeropointzero productions film their episode for Gourmet. We started out our first day in Itaewon getting some background footage. It's been really amazing to watch these professionals in action. Travis is the director, Chloe is the line producer, and Alan is the camera man. What I've learned is that making television is a lot of hard work. They are only in Korea for 8 days and they have to film 8 different stories. Most of these stories take between 5-8 hours to shoot. They've often never met the people or been to the places that they are going to film in. There is so many things that could go wrong and yet they keep trucking.

In Itaewon we filmed these men playing this game on the street. Alan only wanted to film their hands. When the men heard this they told us their rates. They said it would could 100,000 won to film their whole bodies and 30,000 won for just their hands. They were just kidding, but we all got a great laugh.

In Samcheongdong we saw this flower growing out of a crack in a brickwall.

When I got home, I decided to make myself a bowl of miso ramen and I ate it Korean style: I cooled the hot noodles on the lid of the bowl.


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