Me=sad Cheri is leaving Korea

Cheri of is going to be leaving soon to return to the US. Over the last couple of months, I have been mesmerized by her food posts and Korean life posts on her blog and I want to thank her for posting her posts on

Thank you Cheri! You are the greatest!

Cheri is a total foodie and I am impressed by her capacity to eat and her ability to write. I hope she will continue to do so in the future- either in Korea or in the USA.

Food blogging takes guts. Often a blogger will get odd stares and contemptuous looks from other diners and the staff at restaurants. We do it for the love of the food. We do it for the readers and we do it for ourselves.

Like Cheri says on her blog, "IF I DON'T WRITE IT DOWN, I'LL FORGET!" It is true. We want to cherish the moments we spend with friends in the restaurant. We want to cherish the flavors that appear before us. We want to swallow the care and technical experience that the chefs use in their dishes. We want to store the pictures of the plate presentations for future comparisons and analysis.

Are we gluttons? Possibly. But I think we just want to store it all in our hypothalamus cupboard- to snack on when time allows.


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