Dear (Food) Diary

Dear Food Diary:

과식했나보다... > _ <

#1) Lunch at a noisy and packed institution in Myeongdong for gom tang (곰탕), beef soup with rice (no, I still don't eat beef) and way too much ggakdugi (깍두기). This was my first time trying it with ggak guk (깍국), basically the "soup" (liquid) from ggakdugi kimchi - good stuff, Koreans sure do know how to make the most of everything!

#2) Afternoon UFO pastry from the "dessert gallery" at Passion tasted like a cross between a roti bun and gyeran bbang (egg bread) minus the huge boiled egg.

#3) Passion 5 pudding... yum yum in the tum tum.

#4) Afternoon iced mocha latte, a rich dessert in itself, from Wein Bakery (because apparently you can't sit at Passion 5 without making a reservation).

#5) Dinner at Czen Asian Noodle Bar, nothing special. At this point, I was already stuffed and really didn't feel like eating (gasp!) but still managed to throw down some kung pao chicken and noodles.

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