Here is a comment from my article on Korean Food in the Media.

Here is a comment from my article on Korean Food in the Media. Here's the article:

here is a comment from Chunbum Park of the United States. I feel he is right on with his comments and I think Korean Tourism needs to change their strategy in how they market. Here's his comment

this is a great article, Daniel!

you forgot about the kimchi pizza craze back in 2006.

korean food desperately needs modernizing if it wants to survive or thrive in competition with japanese & thai food. japanese food is expensive b/c it was introduced to the west as a high culture product & americans view it as an art.

korean food is usually messy mix of bunch of stuffs. that needs to change. some food is very smelly or cause you nasty breaths. that needs to change.

some of the dishes are indistinguishable. once i went to korean restaurants several times in a row & i realized that i really got sick of korean food just b/c almost all the food i could order were spicy & they all tasted same to me. that is not to say that i don`t like korean food. i really appreciate its healthy attributes. i remember reading a chosun ilbo article (written in english) about korean food & read a japanese say something to the effect of "i thought korean food was all about being spicy... but after watching daejanggeum i realized that there were many other kinds of korean dishes & i became more interested, etc."

korean restaurants need to combine/merge/delete some of the dishes & introduce other food items onto the menu. for example, get rid of haemultang (spicy seafood soup) & merge it with soon-doo-boo-jji-gae (spicy soft tofu soup) to make haemul soondooboojjigae. it should re-introduce some of the korean dishes from the early chosun & koryo eras when there was no red pepper available (red pepper was introduced to korea around 1700s)

thats all for right now.

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