Sea food Buffet MUSCUS

I am not a big fan of buffet. I have small appetite, so it's always waste of money.
Only seeing the many dishes makes me feel full and I usually end up having a few desserts instead of main dishes.

When I stepped in the sea food buffet Muscus, I sighed. There were so many 'looks-so-delicious' sushi, rolls and sashimi. I knew that I could have only few of them. I would feel guilty to eat them all.

Thankfully, its sushi and rolls are in one bite sizes, so I could have few of them without being full of rice. The rolls, overall, are quite good and sushi is also very nice. A few of them are never seen in other restaurants.

The sashimi was little disappointing as buffets always does. It wasn't fresh enough and when it's not fresh, it has a fishy smell.

The fried prawns were very crunch and newly fried- just perfect for tasting its full flavor. My other favorite was a crab meat with seasoned rice which was served in a crab shell.

Price was reasonable, 20,000 won for weekday lunch and 26,000 won for weekday dinner.
25,000 won for weekend lunch and 28,000 won for weekend dinner.
There are seven oulets in Seoul including the Yoido branch I visited. It was 7 mins walk from subway line 5 yoido station exit 5, bastment of allianz life building.

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