How I Met Your Mother: The Best Burger in New York TVsquad Review

I know that I'm obsessed with this episode, but I wanted to give you one more perspective. This is from


(S04E02) "This burger is so good I want to sew my ass shut."

I don't tend to open my reviews with a quote, but this one from Barney was too good to ignore. Might as well give it the Best Barneyism of the week, but it's only one of a ton of memorable lines from all the characters in this episode. Was it funny? Damn straight. Did it make me hungry? Absolutely. Did it make me afraid of Regis Philbin? Maybe a little.

Even though Marshall's pursuit of the fantastic burger he tasted on his first day in New York eight years ago was more a way for him to hang on to his youth for a few moments longer -- he took a job with Barney's company's new acquisition, Goliath National Bank -- that's about the only connection to the show's continuing storyline that we got.

This was more of a standalone episode, and Bays and Thomas and company really packed it in with funny lines and situations. Who could resist a starving Robin coming off her two-day cleanse (it was supposed to be seven days but she always finishes early) being served last and so tortured by the burger hunt that she resorted to licking ATM envelopes ("I will eat your hand!")? How Marshall is able to wax eloquently and off-the-cuff about the burger ("It's God speaking to us through this food!") but had to find his wedding vows on the Internet? Lily saying that she just had her "first burgasm?" Ted's explanation of the inverse relationship between a man's self-esteem and his "underpants radius?" There was one funny line after another, with just enough story to make us want Marshall to actually find that burger.

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