Korean Food Expo starts on Monday! Got Presents?

Heya, so Suhyun from the Institute of Traditional Korean food sent me this information about an event that's happening on Monday morning. The Korean Food Expo will go on all week, but on Monday they will be doing a photo shoot and they they need models. Now, when they say models, they mean foreign looking models (weiguks). In return for participating in the shoot, they'll give you presents such as a cookbook, ricewine, and rice cakes (Dr. Sookja's Ricecakes are awesome). The shoot would be around 10am and it should last only 30 minutes to 1 hour.

If you are interested then email Suhyun at soochoi1900@paran.com or call at 010-4692-1015

Here is the e-mail that she sent:

We, Institute of Tradition Korean Food, need the models to pose for the photo-time during the press interview. It will take about an hour and at the end of the photo shoot, we will have a gift set ready (rice cake & cookie box, rice wine and a cookbook) for the models.

Event: 2008 Korea Food Expo

Place: aT Center (Korea Agro-Fisheries Trade Corporation) in YangJae
The 1st Exhibition Center (1 Floor)

Date & Time: October 13, 2008 at 9:30AM

How to get to the aT Center:
Take Subway Orange Line #3 and Get off at YangJae Station.
Then Take a Tax to aT Center. (It will not take too long if you take a taxi. But if you choose to walk, then it will take a while.)

Please refer to the website for the details.

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