Weekend events for October 11th and 12th

howdy folks,

i just thought i would let you know some cool things going on this weekend...if y'all can make it, that would be really great because it's all for great causes:

WeAja - Charity Flea Market

Date: Sunday, October 12th
Time: 12 noon - 4:30pm
Location: North Plaza of World Cup Stadium in Sangnam-dong

WeAja is a vital fund-raiser for social groups such as “We Start” and “Beautiful Store.” “We Start” is a campaign designed to give educational opportunities to children under 12 from low-income families. The “Beautiful Store” is a nonprofit chain that sells donated goods and uses the proceeds for charitable works.

Each year, more and more people are attending this special occasion to help underprivileged people. Last year, 250,000 people came to the event. Great deals and hidden gems are waiting, and the money raised is used for a good cause.



Fundraiser - Club in Apgujung

When: Saturday, Oct 11th
Where: Up and Up in Apgujeong
Time: 9pm - until the morning

Charities: The Rainbow Foundation (www.cambodian-orphans.org) and
The Korean Sexual Violence Relief Centre (www.sisters.or.kr/index.php)

Costs: 10,000 won entry fee
Entertainment: DJ and raffle prizes (free haircuts from Zen, iPod, custom made batch of homebrew to your taste, something from the King of the Hill, restaurant vouchers, and other groovy items)

How to get there: Take a cab to CineCity in Apgujeong. Up and up is very close to this center. I have a map I can send you if you need it. please also see attached map and flyer.

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