$$$ Photographs wanted for Seoul Book Project

Hi everyone!I am currently working on a book project and I need to buy pictures of Seoul life. The pictures would be tourist oriented, landscapes and cityscapes.

They can be pictures of parks, restaurants, people, and different events.An example would be a picture of Cheonggycheon during the spring with many people walking along the stream. Or it could be a picture of Kwangchang market with lots of vendors selling their wares.

Anyway, if anyone would like to participate in this project, please yet me know. I need 150 pictures and I am paying 30-70,000 for each picture. We are also looking for a cover photo for which we would pay much more for.

If you are interested then please e-mail me with 3 samples of your work. A Flickr page or a webpage would be preferable so I can browse the photos.

If you are not in the country or will be busy, a weblink or Flickr page with the loaded photographs will be fine.The pay would be for either single or multiple use. We'll work out the details for rights later.

Also, all photographs need to be high quality DSLR quality so pictures should be at least 8 megapixels.Thanks and if you know anyone else that might be interested in this please forward this to them!


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