Clothing and Household Items Donation Drive

From November 17th to the 28th the Itaewon/Hannam and Ichon Global Village Centers will be collecting clothing and various household items to donate to the Yongsan-gu Beautiful Store. As it is now getting quite cold and the Christmas season is fast approaching this is a good time of year to donate to the less-fortunate. The Beautiful Store is a non-profit organization that collects high quality used clothing and household items and then sells them at VERY affordable prices for those families that might otherwise have difficulty purchasing the things they need. So, if you have any extra clothing or household items that you are no longer using please bring them in to the center so that we can make a big donation to them.

Once all the items have been collected and sent in, there will be a special event held at the Yongsan Beautiful Store during which all the items will be on sale. This special sale event will take place on Friday, December 12th and we also need volunteers to help out on this day. Please let us know if you are interested in this volunteer opportunity. Most of the customers will be Korean and it would be a good chance to practice your Korean language skills!

The following items are accepted for donation:
Clothes, shoes, hats, bags, books, CDs, bowls, kitchen utensils, children’s goods, accessories, small furniture items, works of art, small sports items, etc.

The following items are NOT accepted for donation:
Large furniture items (wardrobes, beds, sofas, etc.), broken home appliances, items that require installation (eg. air conditioners, water purifiers), old bedding etc.

Drop off items at : The Itaewon/Hannam Global Village Center
5F Hannam Bldg., 737-37 Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
     (Subway Line 6 Itaewon Station, Exit 2, straight 100m, Hannam Bldg. is on your left, look for the Buy-the-way convenience store)

*Please drop off items during working hours only (9am to 6pm Monday to Friday).

To volunteer on sale day please contact:
ㅇ Sarah Jang at (02)796-2459~60 or

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