Sweet Potato Fries

I want some sweet potato fries like woah. I've been craving them since the beginning of October.

Does anyone happen to know where I could find sweet potato fries?
I've given up hope of finding any, and started looking for recipes to make some on my own.

I've never actually made sweet potato fries before, but this recipe looks delicious, and easy. I don't think I have any ground fennel on hand though...

This recipe for cumin sweet potato fries also looks realllly good.

Korean sweet potatoes are a little different from American sweet potatoes.

What Americans think of as a sweet potato.

Korean sweet potatoes.

Notice the color difference? The texture is a little different as well.
I'm wondering if the difference is big enough to create a problem when making fries... I managed to make sweet potato casserole last year easily enough.

Has anyone tried making sweet potato fries using korean sweet potatoes, or goguma (고구마)? I'd love some advice. :)

- Lily
(aka Lunalil)

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