Korean bi-lingual puns

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Q: What did the Korean bus driver say to the egg?
A: 계란!

계란 (gyeran) which means "egg" in Korean sounds like "Get on".
Other jokes use cognates as puns, like:
Q: What is a vampire's favorite drink?
A: 코피 (Ko-pi, means "nosebleed", sounds like coffee)

Q: What's another way to say "brown rice" besides "현미쌀?" (hyun-mi ssal, brown rice)
A: Bobby Brown. (밥이 brown (bab-i brown), or "The rice is brown.")

Q: What did the fish say when the shark bit into its side and bone?
A: "Oh, my 가시!" ("Oh, my ga-shi," or "Oh, my bone;" is meant to be a cognate for "Oh, my gosh")

Q: There were two tissue boxes, one smaller than the other. What did the smaller box say to the bigger one?
A: "Oh, you are so 휴지(hyuji)!" ("휴지(hyuji)," which means "tissue" in Korean, sounds similar to the English word "huge")

A notable English-Korean pun comes in the form of a knock-knock joke:
Initiator: "Knock knock."
Responder: "Who's there?"
Initiator: "I'm a coach."
Responder: "I'm a coach who?"
The initiator then just smiles, waiting for the responder to get the joke - "coach who" sounds like "gochu", which literally means a chili pepper, but is used as slang for penis.

Q: Why did the smoker go to the racetrack?
A: 말보로 (mal-bo-ro "to see horses" -- sounds like Korean pronunciation of Marlboro)

Q: What sound does bread make when you throw it at a wall?
A: 빵! (bbang! - Korean word for bread)

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