Posh Nosh

This is an amazing cooking show featuring two very saucy hosts. It has a biting sense of humor and it has sarcasm verging on the surreal. It features Simon and Minty Marchmont. I found them caustic at first, but their little anecdotes and witticisms made me warm to them.

One of my favorite scenes has a blindfolded Simon trying to find the best olive oil or as he says it, "I am looking for that exra virgin purity. He says this as he tastes the first one, "that's been around the block a couple times." As for the second he says, "The common old tart. What mummy would have called a vile little hussy." And for the final one, "Oh heaven. That's an absolute Brittney."

They throw in little quips alluding to their wealth and their dysfunctional marriage and family.

Here is episode 3 where Simon makes fun of Minty's pronounciation. I love her phrasing such as, "interrograte the mussels," "tumble the paella," and "join us next time when we will be strip searching broccoli" Simon has a masterful way of saying awkward homoerotic statements such as, "it's firm and hard like Tom Cruise after a hot bath." And when he is describing the tobacco accent in wine he says, "it's like liquified Spanish fags."

This is episode 8 where you find out what happens to Luis the tennis coach that was, "more than a coach."

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