Where can you get your knives sharpened in Seoul?

I was wondering if you could help out Soo Oh. Does anyone know where she can get her knives sharpened professionally? I just do it myself, so I don't know how to help her. Does anyone know?



PS. here is her message.


I really enjoy reading your blog, and I was hoping you could help answer a question for me that I can't seem to get answered by anyone I know personally (or if you could open it up to the floor, that would be awesome, too). Where does one get knives professionally sharpened in Seoul? Any recommendations? I hear that the shoe shiners/cobblers can do them, but I don't know if they all do it or if I have to see them with the spinning whetstone or what. The only other info I've found on the Internet is hereabouts, http://tinyurl.com/5r67rn, but I'm pretty uncomfortable with just walking into a restaurant and asking the owners if they could sharpen my santoku. Any thoughts?

Soo Oh

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