You have been in Korea too long if:

I started up a group on Facebook for 101.3 eFM. You can search for 101.3 eFM Seoul on facebook to find it. I started the group like last Monday and there are already 132 people in the group. Not bad if I say so myself.

I started a discussion entitled, “You have been in Korea too long if…” And I have received a lot of posts on the topic here are some of the best ones so far:

This one is from John Simmons:
You have been in Korea too long if: a trip to the movies has you craving dried squid.
And, here is another one, Pink is your new black.

These are from Verena Blaho:
You have been in Korea too long if…you cut everything with scissors and you don’t mind toilet paper on the table.

These are from Ashley Cheeseman, You take a deep exaggerated in breath and tilt your head to the side when you’re thinking negative thoughts about something. And you bow to everyone you see from a distance as a greeting.

And here are some from Young Hong:
1. You have ramyun or a spicy soup when you have a hangover in the morning.
2. You say, “ah, siwonhada,” which means cool, when you have scalding hot, spicy soup.
3. You wear the same outfit as your boyfriend or girlfriend when you go out on a date.
4. (for girls) you can wear a mini skirt even when it is negative 5 degrees.
5. You often say, Chincha.
6. You say, “fight” when your friend is going to do anything that is challenging.

These are from Ji-Hyun Jessica Ihn:
You might have been in Korea too long if:
1. you now have the superhuman ability to run across 8-lane roads in 6inch heels on an icy day

2. you cannot fathom the idea of going down to the local g25 without having a full face of makeup.

3. you think nothing of painting your nails a different colour every day, sometimes with those tacky sticker things on it.

4. you no longer take photos of bad english signs such as 'sexy pig' or 'happy pajama' etc. (but you do have a chuckle :)

5. when you catch up with your english speaking friends you unknowingly start dropping your articles and your sentence structure is dyslexic

Well if would like to add to the list then join the facebook group and start posting your own. The facebook group is called, "101.3 eFM the only all English radio station."

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