EV boys will be on radio tomorrow! 11:05-12 on TBSefm

Hey everyone, the Internet Phenomenon, the darlings of Korean Media, the Beastie Boys of Korea will be on Soul of Asia tomorrow: Monday, from 11:05-12. They will be talking about their Korean experience and we'll be playing their songs. If you have questions you can message us at #1013 or call at 02 778 1013.

Tuesday, we will have legal advice with Mr. Noh.
Wednesday, Danya Gunnell will be on to talk about motorcycling in Seoul and how a taxi driver broke her leg.
Thursday, we have the amazing Michael Hurt.
Friday, we'll have Timothy Lee from AIMS who will talk about his organization that helps North Korean defectors.
And Saturday, we'll have Ana talking about her experience as a Filipina in Korea.

I hope you listen in and if you have any questions for our guests, you can e-mail us at tbsefm@gmail.com, message us at #1013 or call us during the show at 02 778 1013.

Thanks you and I hope you are having a wonderful New Year!

Dan Gray
Writer for Soul of Asia

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