Quick Tips: How to pay your gas or electric bill and how to withdraw woney (money)

If you have a gas bill or an electric bill, you can pay it through a couple of different ways. Many convenience stores will let you make the payments there. Which convenience stores allow you to pay your bill will be listed on your bill. You can also do a bank transfer at the bank. Just send your payment to the correct bank and account number listed. The final way is to take your paper bill and head to your nearest bank and there are special machines that you feed your bill through and pay by debit. It can be a bit confusing so get the security guard to help. Just hold up the bill and say, Help me or (say it in Korean) or you can simply say How, (Ottakgye) and move both hands up and open palmed. Tilt your head to the side and lift your left foot. As we all know, this is the universal sign for I’m confused, help me. He’ll be sure to help your through this process.

Just review a little about money or woney in Korea. If you happen to encounter an ATM that is all in Korea here are some tips for you to get your money out of the machine. Insert your card and then hit the button for withdrawal, which is 예금인출. Then put in your pass code, which is 비밀번호를누르시오 just remember 비밀번호. Then it’ll ask you for the amount that you would like: 원하시는금액을누르시오. Just remember 원 and this should be pretty easy because you’ll see numbers pop up in won amounts. Choose the amount you need and then finally hit confirm: 확인.

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