Jokbal Kimchi Chiggae

1. Roast your Pig's Feet in the Oven. The skin will get a bit crisp. Now it's good just as it is, but I recommend you transform it into kimchi chiggae. Fry up the kimchi in sesame oil. This is very important because it releases the kimchi essence. Sour, aged kimchi is the best for kimchi chiggae.

2. After it has boiled for about 10 minutes skim the foam off the top, add a bit of sugar to taste, and add a pat of butter. The butter will add a silky sophisication to this otherwise rustic dish.

3.Serve with rice. I like to mix brown rice and barley. The barley pearls add a bit of sweetness and I love how the grains pop as I chew them

4. The Egg is optional. Many Koreans think it is blasphemous to put egg in their national dish.

Tta Da! Dan's Jokbal Kimchi chiggae!

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