Cheap Eats in Seoul

Cheap Eats

1. Tomatillos over by exit 6 of Jonggak Station They have a 4,000 won Breakfast Burrito and Coffee Special in the morning.
2. The California Pizza Kitchen in Gangnam and near Myeongdong have 9,900 won lunch specials. You can order a dish for 9,900 + drink, soup and bread. I recommend their Thai Crunch Chicken Salad. It’s got crunchy rice noodles, peanuts, avocado, and edamane.
3. Chakraa Indian Restaurant in Itaewon, Hannam, Suwon, and Songtan also have a great lunch buffet for 9,900 won. They have excellent tandoori chicken and naan. The chicken is juicy and rich in flavor. Also they have fist sized samosas that are very crispy and flavorful.
4. And another tip, eat where the taxi drivers eat. These 기사집’s have great food for a low price. There is one in Noksopyeong near Taco Taco Chili Chili that I like to go to. They have excellent Sundubu and bibimbap. The rice at these places are refillable and the taste is very authentic.

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