Danbokki! Dan makes Dukkbokki


So what is Danbokki? It's my own Dukkbokki recipe that I like to make. There are quite a few differences from regular dukkbokki. First of all, I don't use corn syrup or the malt syrup that most places use. Also, my sauce uses ghee as oil. I also add onions and cabbage and trapezoidal ricecakes. Honestly, I tend to wing it with the sauce, basically I make a spicy caramel sauce and then use this stuff to baste the rice cake and fish noodles (o-deng). I like the cabbage because it lowers the spicy and it gives it a light crunch.

Today, I wanted to give a more refined dukkbokki, so I added some green leaf thingies...Darn, I can't remember what the name is in Korean and yogurt. The greens added a bright springy flavor and the yogurt added a creamy cool.

The grapes were just for fun. Say hi to Hubble!

Danbokki! It's where it's at.



Gochujang (2 spoons)

Ghee or butter (1 spoon)

Sesame oil (2 splashes)

Soy Sauce (1 splash)

Sugar (half a palmful and to taste)


Some flour 

Ricecake, Odeng, sliced onions, 1 cm X 1 cm cubes of cabbage


1. Get the oil hot.

2. Add the Gochujang

3. Add the Onions

4. Add the sugar and then stir it around until everything incorporates a bit. 

5. Add some water and mix it all around until it becomes saucy. 

6. Add some sesame oil and soy sauce. Mix and then check the taste. Adjust the flavor with more sugar or gochujang. Mix it until it becomes a sauce and then add a little flour to help thicken it.

7. Add the Odeng and cook.

8. Add the Ricecake and cook.

9. Add the Cabbage 2 minutes before everything is done and mix it around.

10. Top with greens and some yogurt and enjoy.

Danbokki! Whatcha think?

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