Fine Dining Inquiry in Seoul

Hello Seouleats,
Here's a recent letter that I recieved

My name is D.K. and I will be visiting Korea for three weeks in July 2009. I'm currently working at X.X.X. as a part of the beverage team as well as the service team in Las Vegas. I also have a culinary background having graduated from the CIA in 2006. I wanted to find out if you have a page with a list of fine dining restaurants in and around Seoul. Those equivalent to being Michelin rated. If not, I would love a list of restaurants or other recommendations to fine dining restaurants. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you


So...I need your help. Most of the restaurants that I think that D.K. are looking for are in Hotels in Seoul. That includes the Shilla, the Intercontinental, Lotte Hotel's Pierre Gagnaire, and the W. Most of the other places I know are small and they aren't at the level of a Michelin rated restaurant. So, can you help me add to this list for D.K?



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